• Detailed garden analysis and concept plans
  • A garden design based on the clients requirements
  • Site preparation
  • Dry stone walls, terraces and steps
  • Construction of wooden structures, pergolas, gates, seats trellis etc.
  • Erection of fences
  • Sourcing of plants
  • Planting
  • Supervision and care of the garden to ensure that the plants establish well and that all the clients requirements are met

A large town garden

Area: 1500m2

Main garden needed to have some replanting of key shrubs.

Courtyard area

Area: 400m2

Pictured below, the court yard area was redesigned.


The existing courtyard area was untidy, overgrown and uninteresting. The clients wanted an Italian style courtyard with all round interest.  The owners expressed an interest in having more unusual plants such as the existing Echium and Californian Tree Poppy.








Work included

  • A design with list of plants to be used
  • A pergola
  • Removal of all unwanted trees and stumps
  • The pruning and tidying of all plants to be kept. Many were replanted in the larger garden area.
  • Preparation of the ground for planting.
  • Repair of the stone wall and positioning of trellis for climbers
  • Sourcing and planting
  • A water butt to collect water from the garage roof with a watering system to water the driest bed
  • A maintenance plan

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  1. Linda Priest says:

    Hi Margaret, this looks fabulous and such a good idea to not only show before and after, but also months after when it has really come into it’s own.

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