Jobs for early spring

It all rather depends on the weather for sowing and planting, but get ahead with weeding and pruning

The Potager

  • Prepare the ground for planting shallots, and onions. If it is too cold, cover the ground with black plastic. Plant whenever conditions are good
  • Prepare the ground for sowing parsnips, peas and spinach. If possible add compost to the area to be sown. Sow whenever it starts to warm up.
  • If it is warm enough the first potatoes can be planted at the end of the month. Give the ground farmyard manure or compost before planting.
  • Plant out lettuce seedlings


The Fruit garden

  • Prune vines, peach, nectarines and figs
  • Treat peach and nectarines for peach leaf curl
  • Mulch around trees and fruit bushes.
  • weed strawberries and feed


The Flower garden

  • Prune the roses and hydrangeas then give them a good mulch
  • Begin to remove the mulch from the dahlias, so they can benefit from spring rain
  • Cut back perennials so the new shoots can come through
  • You can divide any perenials which flower later on in the year, such as asters
  • Weed, feed and if possible mulch. (a well rotted manure will both feed and mulch)
  • If it is warm enough start to sow hardy annuals
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