Jobs for late spring

We are behind with everything, but it is cold again so hopefully later sown vegetables will soon catch up

  • Finish planting the potatoes
  • Finish sowing the small seeds like beetroot
  • continue to sow salads
  • Start to sow beans and sweetcorn
  • Buy tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines. Harden off and pot on if they are likely to need to stay in pots for more than a week. Don’t plant out too early without protection. Space them so the air can circulate, the fruit will ripen more evenly and you reduce the risks of disease. Plant them deeper than they were in the pots
  • Hoe to keep weeds under control and if you have grass cuttings use as a mulch, but not too thick


The Fruit garden

  • The strawberries will soon be ready. To keep them clean mulch with straw. After fruiting this mulch can be reused on the squash.
  • In dry spells remember to water newly planted fruit trees and bushes
  • If you have had problems with fungal infections on the grapevines, spray vines with bouillie bordelaise


The Flower garden

  • Keep on top of the weeds and fill those spaces, by sowing annuals or planting. Cosmos transplant very well even when hot and dry. In those conditions put the water in the bottom of the planting hole
  • Very tall perennials can be given the chelsea chop. It doesn’t work on all but it is good for most asters. It will reduce the final height and increase the number of flower heads. A partial chop will prolong the flowering and add stability to very tall plants.
  • Stake those delphiniums, dahlias and other tall perennials
  • dead head spring flowering bulbs, but leave the foliage to die back


Now sit back and enjoy



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