Jobs for late summer

DSC02364The Potager

  • Lift onions and shallots and dry.
  • Lift potatoes. Remember to keep a few as seed potatoes for next year. Egg size is ideal, the ones you buy tend to be too small
  • Transplant leeks ready for winter. If the ground is very dry dig a trench and water the base.
  • Towards the end of the month, when it becomes less dry and hot sow Spinach, Mache and winter lettuce
  • Any space available sow green manures. Sarrasin is good choice at the beginning of the month as it grows even when dry, but will die with the first frost. Later sowings use Trèfle or Phacélie

The Fruit Garden

  • Support branches heavy with fruit
  • Remove surplus leaves and fruit from vines to expose the grapes

The flower Garden

  • Trim Lavanders and Santolinas
  • Trim evergreen hedges
  • Take hardwood rose cuttings. 25-30cm long and pencil thick. Make a slit trench and if soil is heavy fill with a mix of fine soil and sand. The cuttings should be two thirds in the ground.
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