Maintenance & other services

  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Planting of trees , shrubs, bulbs, perennials and annuals
  • Planting and care of the fruit and vegetable garden
  • Cutting of hedges and laying of older hedges where appropriate
  • Weeding
  • Care of lawns
  • Watering
  • Propagation by seed or cuttings
  • Expert advice on garden problems and planting
  • repair of dry stone walls

Large traditional English garden

Area: 3000m2
Duration: 18 years
Responsibilities: Pruning, Replanting Propagation, Weeding & Development of the garden over the 18 years

Yves Guerit the only gardener employed. Maintained and improved garden over a period of 18 years until we moved to France.


Large traditional English garden




Area: 4000m2
Duration: 20 years
Responsibilities: Pruning, Replanting, Cultivation, Propagation, Weeding, Development of the garden over the 20 years, Cutting of over 2 acres of grass, Repairing of fencing, gates & bridges

Maintained and improved the garden over a period of 20 years until we moved to France.

Cottage garden

Area: 200m2
Responsibilities: Routine maintenance, pruning and replanting

Maintained over a period of 3 years


Country Garden

Area: 500m2
Responsibilities: Routine maintenance, grass cutting, watering, pruning and replanting. Repair of the ponds and installation of an electric pump. Repair of the stone wall.

Maintained over a period of 3 years


New garden

Area: 6000m2
Responsibilities: Planting, weeding and pruning

Over 3 years this garden expanded as more and more plants were added.


Large town walled garden

Area: 2000m2
Duration: 2 years
Responsibilities: Weeding, Pruning, Propagation, Replanting, Pots & Hanging baskets for summer interest

Complete overhaul of this neglected garden


Country garden

Area: 4000m2
Responsibilities: Pruning and weeding. Creation of new planting areas using the local stone for low walling. Replanting for summer interest and easy maintenance.

Neglected and overgrown country garden.



French country garden and orchard

Responsibilities: Rebuilding of the dry stone wall which borders the field. Renovating the hedges. Pruning the fruit trees, overgrown shrubs and roses. Routine maintenance, including grass cutting.

Dry stone wall 16/01/2011   Labrousse

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