Jobs for mid autumn

The Vegetable garden

  • Any heavy clay soils can be dug over and left rough for the frost to break down
  • Store you pumpkins and squash in a frost free place

The Fruit garden

  • Leave some fruit for the birds, but anything diseased  or with pests is best picked up and got rid of.

The Flower garden

  • Start to cut back any shrubs like budleias which are likely to get damaged by winter winds. Just reduce the height and use some of the shoots as hardwood cuttings. Treat like the roses.
  • Frost is now very likely, lift any frost tender plants. Dahlias seem to be fine with a very good mulch.

For plant and garden lovers you might be interested in joining L’Hellébore which is based in and around Villefranche. There is normally at least 1 garden to visit each month and there is a plant exchange each spring and autumn. Contact Janine DUTHEIL

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