Jobs for mid Summer

DSC01467The Potager

  • The rain has stopped so now we have to water. Water in the evening. Especially target leafy vegetables and those starting to form fruit, like the potatoes and peas.
  • Keep sowing salad, but sow thinly in situ so there is no need to transplant. An area slightly shaded by other plants is ideal and keep watered
  • Feed your tomatoes and aubergines with a comfrey liquid


The Fruit garden

  • Once the summer raspberries have finished prune out the canes which have borne fruit
  • Prune the black currants any time after fruiting. Cut out some of the older wood right to base and thin some of the other shoots
  • Summer fruiting strawberries have now finished. Dig up plants of 3 years and throw away. Weed the others, cut off old leaves and allow some runners to form to replace the older plants
  • Most newly planted trees and fruit bushes have had a good start with the wet spring but be prepared to water, especially the bigger trees.


The Flower Garden

  • Dead head continuously
  • Cut back to base some of the hardy geraniums, Lupins, Campanulas and the Delphiniums so they get a second flush of flowers. Basically if the flowers have finished the flower stem is no longer needed. Give them a good water.
  • Early summer flowering shrubs ( Philadelphus Spirea and Deutzia) can now be pruned
  • Keep an eye on new plants and be prepared to water in a hot dry spell.


There are gardens to visit during the month of July



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